Kundalini-A Spiritual Awakening

There are many different views on the Kundalini awakening process and also many differing experiences. Some say that awakening Kundalini can lead to insanity, others that it leads to enlightenment, that it is our birthright, and the next stage in our human evolution. I believe it is the latter but in some ways both are correct. When Kundalini is awakened it does lead to an insanity of sorts, a loss of ones mind, or ego. As all the experiences of our life come flooding back to us and our awareness grows beyond anything we could have previously imagined, it may feel like we are going insane, losing our mind, but in reality we are actually becoming sane, breaking free from our conditioned, linear ways of thinking, free to see and experience the universe for what it truly is. A huge shift in our perspective occurs, and we become able to see the connectedness of all things and to realise our true nature and full potential.

As the process unfolds the outer layers of our selves are peeled away, bit by bit, until our true self emerges, clear of all past karma and emotional blockages. A metamorphosis that happens from the inside out. Releasing and healing any traumas that are still being held inside the body and consciousness. The reason why some are classed as insane or develop psychological problems is because they are trying to stop or suppress the process through traditional methods and without a proper understanding of what is occurring. Kundalini cleanses the soul, the mind and the physical body and it is normal to experience some sort of psychological disturbance and possibly physical disturbance. But you must allow Kundalini to do what it has to do, surrender to it, do not put up resistance as this will only make the experience more uncomfortable and traumatic. Do not be afraid of it, welcome and nurture it, and the process will unfold in a much more harmonious way. Learn all you can about Kundalini. Look at differing views and make up your own mind, find your own truth. No one can tell you what is right and what is not, the truth lays within you, the knowledge is there already, you just have to remember.

There are certain methods and techniques which you can use yourself to awaken Kundalini, including certain types of meditation and breathing techniques. But be aware, once you start on this path, there is no going back, as those who awaken Kundalini and then try to suppress it are bound to experience problems. Some advise that Kundalini must be awakened by a 'Master' or 'Guru', this is your choice and is totally dependent on your own level of Spiritual development, personal knowledge, understanding and belief system. If you choose to try and awaken it yourself then you should prepare your mind and body for what is in store, attempt to clear as many toxins from the body as possible, eat well, and avoid alcohol and recreational drugs as these can all hamper the process and can lead to problems. Keep active, you must find ways of releasing excess energy otherwise it will become stagnant and could cause problems. A good way to combine physical activity with the process is through Kundalini Yoga which was specifically created to awaken Kundalini and is reported to be one of the earliest forms of yoga. It is similar to Hatha yoga but with more focus on awakening Kundalini. Ha-tha literally means Sun-Moon, and yoga means union, so a union of the sun and moon energies, which is what occurs during the Kundalini awakening process.

It is important to read as much as possible about the process, but remember to find your own truth, do not rely on anyone else to tell what is right and what is not. Approached with the right attitude and with correct preparation Kundalini is an amazing, joyful experience. If we go through this process with love,compassion and forgiveness in our hearts and embrace the process fully then it is truly the ultimate goal in our spiritual development, the true path to Enlightenment and an evolution of consciousness.


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